Dakar will be capital and largest associated with Senegal and homes Government's Assembly of Senegal. Dakar, found on the western edge of Africa can be a major regional port in addition to a well-known commercial and place of work. Dakar is a member of the Organization of International Heritage Cities. Dakar was the finishing way to obtain the famous Dakar Move ('Paris to Dakar Rally') as much as year 2009.

Dakar has a number of hospitals in both public and private sectors. Nevertheless, health Care centers men or women global standard with modern facilities can't be so common in the town. Still some of the front hospitals in Dakar are well equipped and offer created equal health service.

This is a note on among the list of popular hospitals in Dakar.

The Principal hospital?is the oldest and a lot popular public hospital in Dakar and it is located?at 1, Avenue Nelson Mandela, Dakar. This huge hospital based mostly on the French Empire in 1890 is probably the Great Colonial Hospitals, the united states famous?network of hospitals in former French colonies. The hospital that was operated by the?Colonial Health Service with all the current Help of French government consists of a small beginning as a military hospital and then, after at a century of existence, developed in to a worldwide renowned modern hospital that provides best and cost effective?health Care service to a very many native and foreign it is certainly plausible. They have also established a further general hospital in Dakar named Le Dantec?Hospital with thousand beds in 1912. Medical center offers modern medical service in most major disciplines and formulated with eminent doctors including a portion famous French doctors. Medical center has all sophisticated?medical equipment and it is keen to keep international standard in all their operations. The dense vegetation and get tropical gardens around the hospital and comfortable rooms provide an altogether pleasant stay for the perfect patients. This famous research and education has a separate college for nurses and midwives much the same campus. Tel. (+221) 33 839-5050. Emergency Services Tel.: 839 5050 Ext. 5294

Clinique du Cap?is one of the major private hospitals in Senegal or hospital is situated?at Direct Pasteur, near old Palais nufactured Justice. B. P. 583. Dakar. This kind of hospital offers high finding a clinical, diagnostic and surgical service of most major areas of pharmaceutical like departments of very easy medicine, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology, orthopedics, trauma, respiratory allergic reaction, anesthesia, urology, rheumatology, proctology, radiology, plastic-type and reconstructive surgery and also have oto-rhino-laryngology. The hospital is obviously equipped with four operational rooms, Maternity unit around modern facilities, pediatric and neonatology?unit with various incubators, Intensive Care Models and special adult ICU. The company's general biology laboratory and also have reproductive biology laboratory?provide address list in hematology, immunology, bacteriology, biochemistry, parasitology, hormonology, cytology?and Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The hospital has all sophisticated medical equipment needed to deliver effective health Care which includes medical imaging unit, dental practitioners X-ray device, two mammography, around three mobile X-ray, a bone fragments densitometry?unit, an apparatus suntan doppler ultrasound, a helical COURTROOM., two image intensifiers?for surgical removal and MRI magnetic imagining unit. Clinique du Cap acts excellent accommodation in more prominent and air-conditioned rooms candles various delicious dishes. Special Deluxe (VIP) rooms are often there. Their urgent success assistance?service (S. A. J. U) is also flawless with fully equipped ambulance along with still have modern devices like love scope, respirator and heartbeat oximetry.. Tel. (+221) 33 889-0202

Clinique de la Madeleine?is another renowned hospital in the market city that offers powerful health Care service associated with your global standard. This seven-floor multidisciplinary hospital is situated at 18, Ave. Des Jambaars, Dakar. This modern private hospital has 80 beds provided in 50 air-conditioned and comfortable rooms. In these 35 rooms are single, 5 are suites and 12 aren't two bedded rooms. Clinique nufactured la Madeleine offers outstanding diagnostic, clinical and preventive medical service of most major departments of medicine making use of their well equipped Department regarding Surgery with two operating theaters plus a post-operation observation room provides service located like emergency surgery, elective surgery and plastic surgery. Eminent psychologists, dieticians, speech therapists and osteopaths are often practicing in the scientific. The operation theaters also in allied rooms are equipped?in accordance with?the recommendations from the SFAR?and perform?720-800 regular and emergency operations annually, of which 30-40 % are laparoscopic. Medical center has modern ICUs?and 3 execution rooms where about 1, 000 deliveries are conducted?each year. Their pediatric unit is certainly noteworthy with several types of incubators and intensive phototherapy lamp, all manufactured through the MEDIPREMA. The Laboratory of Clinique de la Madeleine was in remarkable with excellent index in hematology, biochemistry, serology, so bacteriology. The hospital finds discovery room, radiology product or service and hemodialysis unit. Clinique de la Madeleine is easily known?for using the?latest medical technology and contains all modern medical solutions ike cardiac and general ultrasound Doppler, Holter?ECG and Holter bp, a helical CT, an exceptional MRI, stress test disclose Doppler, ultrasound endoscopy, readers etc. Tel (+221). 33 821 9470/ (+221) 33 821 9476


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