Depression is a very common medical disorder which affects the thoughts, moods, feelings, behavior of a person the amount those affect the physical conditioning. There can be various factors like loss of close individuals, stressful life situations, difficulty in adaptation right into surroundings which can valid reason Depression.

In certain cases Depression can happen spontaneously without any allocated cause. In some cases the Depression a consequence of some organic brain diseases as well as a space occupying lesion (tumor) with regard to brain.

Signs and dilemmas:

o Depressed mood The person feels Sad, Weeping spells out, Hopeless and Helpless feeling

o Not sufficient interest in the chosen lifestyle that the person enjoyed

The beyond two symptoms are superior symptoms in diagnosing Depression.

Besides these many of the following symptoms should exist for more then two weeks to diagnose an instance of Depression:

o Sleep disturbances

o Wooziness or concentration

o Changes in your weight

o Agitation

o Fatigue not slowing of body movements

o Low self-esteem

o Less libido.

o Thoughts of loss of life.

Types of Depression

Major Depression oregon clinical Depression:

1. All over mood, feeling of worthlessness, responsibility.

2. Behavioral symptoms possess a agitation and social withdrawal

3. Down side in concentration and call up making

4. Sleeplessness (Insomnia) Too much sleeping (Hypersomnia)


It is a good chronic form of Depression of this the person might be free from the symptoms for some time and this will alternate to any state of Depression. Your new purchase less severe form of Depression also places the person wearing your increased risk to suffer from major Depression.

Adjustment disorders

This can materialize when one losses a close person or a close relative or loss of job one becomes overwhelmed by this. This is a standard process and with passage of one's one comes to terms effectively loss.

But if the person is unable to come to terms with the loss and he/she develops symptoms of Depression then it is defined as adjustment disorders. It will also be acute if it lasts for less then 6months and chronic whether it lasts for more than the period.

Bipolar Depression or manic Depression disorder

The person feedback recurrent episodes of elation (mania) and Depression is a very common characteristic symptom of bipolar Depression. The person when he/she is inside the manic phase will affect the judgment of the people and it might have in addition periods when the person has increased creativity in his potential.

In this type of Depression you will find the swing of moods to a possible extremes (poles) and yes it is termed as the illness Depression or manic depressive disorders.

Seasonal affective disorder

It is a very common pattern of Depression concerned changes in season and a reduction in exposure to the brightness.


o Heredity

o Stress

o Medications

o Illnesses

o Personality

o Postpartum Depression

o Hormones

o Draught beer, nicotine and drug abuse


It is diagnosed judging by the signs and symptoms which have been present. Also your physician are capable of doing the physical examination to eliminate any other abnormality this type of mimics Depression.
If the person is having strong suicidal tendencies then he/she should try to be admitted to the hospital for observation.


o Suicide

o Dependency

Role of homeopathy in getting rid of Depression

The first question arising to the mind is where these Homeopathic medicines will Help in fighting the disease. As we all know inside diseased state the internal bodily mechanisms don't work in a harmonious way. So to bring lumbar the lost harmony due to the original balanced state the proper Homeopathic medicine is intended to be given.

The homeopathic supplements acts at 3 dosages the Psyche, Neuro, Endocrines at the percentage the psyche it Helps to bring balance which in turn will affect the neurological balance and in addition correct secretion of the hormones which play a crucial role in maintaining the beneficial flow. The homeopathic medicines do not treat the disease also it Helps in bringing neck the lost imbalance back to its normal state.

To find the best Homeopathic remedy one deserves a complete case study so all the aspects of the kind emotional nature, Fears, Interpersonal relations, family relations, ups and downs in their life have to be considered. Also the past reputation, problems in adjusting, Family history of any major illnesses must remain mentioned.

What has caused the present state is defnitely crucial and how the person has reacted to maybe it's very useful. We will consider few remedies quickly and how can be represented in the down in the dumps state.

In Digitalis

There represents Depression; sadness melancholy after that love disappointment. The patient develops pain covering the heart and is sleepless that's why. He is low competing.

In Natrum. muriaticum the classic medicine we are all aware which is very useful in ailments coming on after love disappointment. The patient will generation over the events usually and cannot forget but also after years have elapsed. The Natrum. mur patient will tears when alone and consolation aggravates the same complaints.

I will narrate in a situation in brief which will tell how deep a role the feelings play the patient are already referred to me from being a colleague as the patient isn't responding to the medicines
The patient has developed multiple uterine fibroids is now severe pain due these with.

It took me over an hour encourage the correct information the lady was very hesitant to divulge this information pulling a married lady more than 30 years but she fail to forget her first love affair which was broken.

She said small very sad and cries when they have alone, she loves music and he or she just cannot forget the affair and it makes her miserable plus more she feels guilty on it. This is a promptly information we confirmed one other points and prescribed their Natrum. muriaticum 200c 1 usage. The result the patient never came back to me. After a months time The year progresses a call from the doctor who had referred the issue to me.

She told after that dose the pain had disappeared and likewise sonography showed regression about the fibroids. I asked why particular person didn't report back. I was told she felt embarrassed as some tips i will think about linda. But I was ready to solve the case.

So what I have to have to stress on is finding the "Cause" what has caused the problem in any number of the cases if irrespective of develop the rapport in regard to the patient they will express because it is told by Doctor Pierce Schmidt we have to find where the shoe pinches. This will Help us in locating the optimal remedy and also we may offer solution.

The extra money important remedy is Ignatia. amara the complaints can occur after a loss of their close person or love disappointment. The "Sighing" in the product is so marked that nobody can miss this remedy. One more is silent complaints developing after emotional shock. One more is non communicative will be sit silently will generation and weep.

The Depression of Aurum is extreme there should be loathing of life, no appreciate live, Suicidal disposition, and constant thoughts of suicide. There is also marked worry about death.

Depression can be considered with Homeopathy but an appropriate case history and perceiving someone is very vital. Along with treatment the patient also will need counseling to get provided as per want. While handling patients that strong suicidal tendencies it does not take responsibility of the treating physician to specific the state to the fogeys or the Care contributer.



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